Who Are We

Who we are Our church is a member of a group of like minded churches which have placed themselves under the common banner of ‘CRC Churches International’. Our style of service is a mix of both traditional and contemporary. Our basic beliefs and style of service areknown as Pentecostal.

Pentecostal churches in general do not consist of a hierarchy of men governing their church, but instead trust in the living God who they believe governs the church through the power of the Holy Spirit working equally in and through both men and women of the church. This empowerment, commonly referred to as spiritual gifts, are given to different people in a variety of different ways. A group of specially selected people are called upon to be the Elders of our church along with the senior Pastor and it is their responsibility to ensure that the church body as a whole, remains as obedient as is humanly possible to this empowerment.

We believe that the Christian Bible is the Word of God,written by the hand of men who were empowered by the Holy Spirit. We believe that God is the centre of everything that is good and only through Him can we live life as it was meant to be. In Him, we find true love,acceptance and fulfillment. We believe that our ability torelate to and please God depends upon our personal acceptance and verbal confession of Jesus Christ as being the Son of God who God also raised from the dead after His crucifixion.

We also believe in Water Baptism as being a symbolic act of this acceptance, we also believe that the sharing of the broken bread and the wine which Christian churches commonly refer to as. ‘Holy Communion’ should be undertaken at least at every Sunday morning service.

We like to think of our church as being a church for families or individuals of every age and walk of life.

We desire to make it a place where people can connect, relate, make new friends, find support and encouragement.

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Truth which brings new life, hope and freedom to those who would otherwise have remained in darkness and broken relationships. We seek the ability to be able to pass on Gods love and compassion to our fellow man in all their needs, which includes not only physical relief butalso spiritual renewal. We believe that as Christians, we are called by God and gifted in various ways to serve the church and care for each other. We desire to help every person within the church to identify their gifting and or calling and our aim is to encourage them to use those gifts for the work of the church.

We seek to have open, honest and transparent relationships with each other that in turn will build a community based on love, integrity and trust. Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds regardless of where they’ve at on their spiritual journey. We uphold the value of the traditional family unit and the strength that healthy relationships bring to not only the Church but to our society as a whole.

We consciously adopt the lifestyle of worshippers. As worshippers, we are aware of God’s constant presence in our lives. We regularly engage in private and corporate prayer and worship as an expression of our relationship with Him. This provides an opportunity and environment for our spirit to be receptive and attentive to hear from God. As a people we have an expectation for seasons of God’s blessing allowing us to be continually enlivened with the power and life of the Holy Spirit.